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The Pros and Cons of Ceramic Braces


What’s worse? Crooked teeth or wearing braces? From the perspective of a teen’s oral health, every orthodontist in NE Calgary will tell you that crooked teeth are far worse. Teens living with crooked teeth will probably admit that they’d rather have straighter teeth. But braces. Man, a lot of teens will tell you that they [...]

The Pros and Cons of Ceramic Braces2021-01-13T02:17:24+00:00

What You Don’t Know About Orthodontic Treatment


You would be forgiven if you’ve never given much thought to the history of orthodontic procedures. After all, parents and teens alike would prefer not to have to deal with braces and their ilk at all. Here’s the rub, though. If you’ve been avoiding the thought of braces and are now facing a recommendation for [...]

What You Don’t Know About Orthodontic Treatment2020-12-09T00:03:08+00:00

Why it May Be Necessary to Receive Orthodontic Treatment


Orthodontics is the offshoot of dentistry that deals with corrective treatments for misaligned teeth, bringing them to their desired positions. The misalignment, if not addressed timely, could become a bigger problem in the future which may no longer be treatable. If you feel that your teeth are not properly aligned giving you an awkward feeling [...]

Why it May Be Necessary to Receive Orthodontic Treatment2020-12-06T22:22:00+00:00

Understanding and Getting Relief From TMJ Disorder


An orthodontist near you is concerned with and able to support you with a lot more than just the alignment of your teeth. One example of what we mean is the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. TMJ disorder is a cluster of symptoms caused by pressure placed on the TMJ — the joint that attaches your [...]

Understanding and Getting Relief From TMJ Disorder2020-11-19T03:36:44+00:00

The Reasons and Options For Braces


If you have crooked teeth, you know the very best reasons to get braces of one kind or another — so you can have straighter teeth. Whether you opt for the most traditional wire and metal braces (or ceramic or lingual versions of that traditional bracket-and-wire model) or a system based on removable aligners, straight [...]

The Reasons and Options For Braces2020-11-19T03:32:55+00:00

The Straight Goods About Invisalign


Invisalign is an incredibly popular and common choice for people looking to straighten their teeth discreetly and comfortably without the stigma, permanence, and discomfort associated with traditional wire and metal braces. When we consult with patients considering whether Invisalign may be right for them, we’re glad to have the opportunity to clarify any misconceptions out [...]

The Straight Goods About Invisalign2021-02-17T04:19:39+00:00

Natural Remedies For Teeth Grinding


The odds are good that you grind your teeth. Nearly one in three people grind their teeth while they sleep or even during the day. Many people suffer from sleep bruxism or awake bruxism without realizing what their symptoms represent. Sleep bruxism is when you clench your jaw and grind your teeth while you sleep. [...]

Natural Remedies For Teeth Grinding2020-07-29T15:39:37+00:00

Invisible Braces: The Most Popular Way to Straighten Teeth


When we refer to Invisalign, these are not your grandparents’ braces. After all, over 3,000,000 patients in Canada and the United States use Invisalign’s transparent and removable teeth alignment system to achieve straighter teeth. If you’re tired of crooked teeth but looking for an alternative to metal and wire braces, Invisalign may be a solution. [...]

Invisible Braces: The Most Popular Way to Straighten Teeth2020-09-08T05:29:32+00:00

Caring for Your Braces… Here’s Some Advice


Wearing braces in Calgary is one of the best steps you can take when it comes to your oral health. This treatment will help you fix any issues you may have with your bite and correct the alignment of your teeth. After achieving this, it will be easier to brush and floss your teeth and [...]

Caring for Your Braces… Here’s Some Advice2020-09-08T05:23:12+00:00

How Do I Maintain a Healthy Diet During Orthodontic Treatment?


Orthodontic treatment corrects a patient’s malpositioned teeth or jaws. These treatments can often last from 6 months up to 3 years since the proper alignment process takes time even with the most advanced tools. Therefore, patients have to adjust their lifestyles to achieve the most out of their treatment experience. Any orthodontist near you would [...]

How Do I Maintain a Healthy Diet During Orthodontic Treatment?2020-09-08T05:13:34+00:00