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What, When and Why You Need To Wear Braces


Do I Need to Wear Braces? Are you unhappy with your smile? Perhaps your teeth are not as straight as you’d like them to be. Or maybe your bite needs to be adjusted. Well, it’s likely that braces are the perfect solution for you. Your orthodontist will typically recommend you wear braces to improve your [...]

What, When and Why You Need To Wear Braces2020-01-06T03:20:49+00:00

5 Types of Common Tooth Misalignment


Tooth misalignment were first categorized into different classes by Dr. Edward Angle, an American dentist from the mid- ‘80s widely known as the “father of modern orthodontics”. He named them malocclusion and classified them into 3 main classes in relation to the position of the upper first molar. Class 1 - Neutrocclusion – When upper [...]

5 Types of Common Tooth Misalignment2020-01-05T23:50:09+00:00

Top 13 Things to Remember with Invisalign Treatment


Dreaming of that perfect smile? Braces aren’t the only way you can achieve this. Another option to consider for orthodontic treatment is Invisalign clear aligners. At our Calgary orthodontic clinic, we have seen that this alternative continues to grow in popularity, but why? Patients are tired of the metal brackets and wires that come [...]

Top 13 Things to Remember with Invisalign Treatment2019-07-12T02:00:23+00:00