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The Difference Between Early Orthodontic and Traditional Orthodontic Treatment

It is safe to say that everyone wants a straight smile. Crooked teeth are unappealing and can make people feel self-conscious about their smiles.

Luckily, receiving early orthodontic treatment in NE Calgary can solve this problem. Your children won’t feel embarrassed about interacting with others because our orthodontist in NE Calgary is available at any time of the day to evaluate their smiles and determine if they need treatment.

We offer early orthodontic treatment in NE Calgary and evaluate adults looking forward to enhancing their smiles.

The Difference Between Early and Traditional Orthodontic Treatment

If you had visited an orthodontist near you worried about the smile of your child, keep reading. Many parents visit us asking about their kids’ bites. They notice them not having enough space, and see their crooked teeth, not knowing that early treatment is possible.

If it is your case, your dental professional may suggest early orthodontic treatment. This treatment is preventative and oriented to avoid a grave problems in the future. With this treatment, you may fix nocive habits and straighten teeth without too much of a hassle, since at young ages, the body responds much better, and the bones expand fast.

The devices of early treatment are different than braces. The selection of it will depend on your child’s necessities.

Your doctor may need to work with other specialists, such as logopedists, pediatric dentists, and even psychologists. For example, if a child grinds their teeth, it may be due to stress, so a dental professional will determine when to treat the patient and when referring them to other specialists.

Traditional orthodontics consists of wearing braces for about two or three years to fix dental issues, such as crossbites, rotated teeth, and more.

The Importance of Early Orthodontic Treatment

It is vital because it fixes issues that may lead to graver consequences. As soon as the doctor determines the problem, they should treat it. We have had patients of 4 years old that require early orthodontic treatment, and parents are thankful that they acted promptly. When a patient has an oral issue, waiting will only worsen the problem. In the long run, it will end up in more money and more difficulty to solve it.

Some people misbelief that primary teeth don’t require treatment, but these need to be healthy and well-positioned to maintain proper space for the permanent ones. When these teeth are aligned, permanent ones follow their course to a correct position.

Will You Still Need Traditional Orthodontic Treatment?

In some cases, traditional orthodontics is still necessary after early treatment; however, the treatment is shorter. In other cases, the patient skips the necessity for it. It will depend on the severity of the problem and on how early you detected it.

It is due to this reason that we recommend the first dental visit when the first tooth of your child erupts or in their first year of life. The key to avoid oral issues is keeping up with dental checkups every six months (sometimes you may wait a year; for example, if you are a low-risk patient). Prevention has only saved people from undergoing dreadful treatments.

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We also offer many other dental treatments. You may schedule a consultation visit with us and discuss with our doctors your wants and needs for a beautiful and healthy smile. We will be happy to help you!