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Is Your Night Guard Uncomfortable?

If you just started using a night guard to address sleep apnea, teeth grinding, or other health issues, you might be finding it difficult to get used to how it feels. Does your night guard feel uneasy? If this is the case, you could be worried that the discomfort is a warning indicator or that there is a fit issue with your night guard.

Utilize the guidance compiled in this blog to understand the meaning of the discomfort, how to make your night guard more comfortable, and when to seek out help from an orthodontist near you.

Why Do Night Guards Feel Uncomfortable?

When your night guard hurts, it might give you a slight headache or sore throat. The discomfort you experience while wearing your night guard is distinct from the pain it causes. Your dental health symptoms will be more pronounced if you’re in pain. Your teeth or gums could feel sharp or pinched, and various parts of your mouth could experience intense pressure. You can also get morning headaches and jaw muscle soreness. 

Wearing a retainer is uncomfortable compared to using a night guard. Your teeth are held in place by dental appliances called retainers. By applying pressure to your teeth, they function. Your night guard shouldn’t press against your teeth, though. In actuality, it shouldn’t even move your teeth; its only purpose is to serve as a covering.

You should see your orthodontist in NE Calgary for an examination if you’re in pain. With the help of our guidance, you might be able to reduce this symptom if what you’re experiencing is more discomfort.

Reasons Why You May Be Experiencing Discomfort

It helps to be aware of the feelings and physical alterations you experience while wearing your night guard in order to pinpoint the source of your pain. You might, for instance, encounter some of the following:

  • Your gums are raked by your night guard. Wearing an over-the-counter or boil-and-bite mouth guard is typically to blame for this. Because these mouth guards aren’t made specifically for your mouth, they may not fit the curve of your teeth correctly, which could lead to them digging into your gums. A custom guard could resolve this problem. The most comfortable choice is a custom night guard because they are made specifically for you.
  • Your night guard is excessively heavy. The “too bulky” sensation is typically brought on by a nightguard that is excessively thick or doesn’t fit properly. Custom night guards in NE Calgary are more likely to be comfortable because they are more fitting and slimmer than off-the-shelf versions. You might need to get your personalized night guard altered if you believe it is too bulky. Bring it in so your dentist can examine it.
  • You observe shifting teeth or a misaligned jaw. Wearing mouth guards that don’t fit properly can lead to these issues. If you believe you may be experiencing these symptoms, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist soon. Shifting teeth and bite disorders can result in jaw pain and orthodontic complications. A personalized night guards near you will fit more comfortably and lessen the possibility of teeth moving and biting issues.
  • When you wear your night guard, your mouth feels odd. Wearing your tooth guard may leave you unable to pinpoint exactly how you feel, but it simply seems strange. In these situations, it’s possible that it will take you longer to get used to your new night guard. During the first several weeks, it’s quite normal for things to feel a little uneasy, but you shouldn’t be in agony. Visit your dentist for assistance if you’re in pain or if you’re still having trouble finding a snug fit after a few weeks.

When to Call Your Dentist

The reward for your oral health will eventually be worth the effort it takes to discover the best night guard for you and get used to the sensation in your mouth. Remember why you chose to wear a night guard in the first place: it protects your teeth, eases symptoms, and enhances your long-term dental health while you strive for a comfortable fit. 

Contact our team right here at Totally Orthodontics  if you have any inquiries about using a night guard to protect your teeth or if you’re interested in scheduling a consultation! See you soon!