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How Can I Tell If My Night Guard is Fitted Correctly?

The purpose of night guards, often referred to as dental splints or occlusal guards, is to shield your teeth from damage caused by teeth grinding or clenching (bruxism). They work as a partition between your upper and lower teeth, keeping them apart when you sleep. Night guards must, however, be correctly suited to your mouth in order to be effective. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to our orthodontist in NE Calgary; they’ll be able to  determine if your device is fitting as it should.

Comfort Is Key

The fact that it should feel at ease in your mouth is one of the most obvious indications that your night guard is properly placed. While wearing it, there shouldn’t be any pain, soreness, or discomfort. It could take some time at first to get used to wearing a night guard, but if the pain continues after the adjustment period, it might be an indication that the fit is off.

Snug Fit

Your teeth and gums should comfortably touch the sleep guard when it is properly placed. It shouldn’t be weak or easy to move while you’re sleeping. Your night guard might need to be modified or replaced if you discover that it regularly collapses or feels loose while you sleep.

Even Pressure

The pressure from clenching or grinding should be distributed equally across your teeth by the night guard. It’s an indication that the fit is poor if you feel that some teeth are being placed under more pressure than others. Further dental problems might result from uneven pressure distribution.

No Interference with Speech

Your capacity to communicate effectively shouldn’t be compromised by your night guard. The guard may need to be modified if you notice that it is making you slur your words or make it difficult to pronounce particular phrases while wearing it.

Minimal Wear and Tear

Even after prolonged usage, a properly fitting night guard should not exhibit significant symptoms of wear and strain. If the night guard develops cracks, chips, or other damage, it may not fit properly and be under too much stress.

Regular Check-Ups

If you use a night guard, it’s a good idea to schedule regular dental checkups with an orthodontist near you. They can assess the state of your night guard and make any modifications that are required. They can also look for indications of dental problems linked to bruxism to make sure your night guard is functioning as it should.

Why is it Important to Have a Night Guard that Fits Properly?

For various reasons, having a night guard that fits properly is essential, since it has an immediate and positive influence on your oral health, as it provides excellent nighttime protection, and on your overall well-being as well. 

Prevention of Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorders

The structure that joins your jaw to your skull, the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), can experience severe pressure as a result of bruxism. An uncomfortable night guard can make TMJ problems worse or fail to provide relief. A precisely fitted night guard can lessen the likelihood of TMJ issues developing or getting worse by helping to distribute the stresses more evenly.

Enhanced Comfort

A well-fitted nightguard should be pleasant to wear. Regular usage is encouraged by a comfortable fit, ensuring that you experience the maximum rewards of tooth protection. Poorly fitted night guards can cause mouth ulcers, irritation, and pain, which may discourage regular use.

Improved Sleep Quality

Your sleep patterns can be severely disrupted by bruxism, which can result in tiredness and other health problems. By reducing bruxism symptoms like headaches and jaw discomfort, a properly fitting night guard can help you get a better night’s sleep.

Speech and Functionality

An improperly fitted night guard might obstruct your speech and make it difficult for you to express yourself accurately. Additionally, it could make it difficult for you to swallow or breathe normally. You can wear the night guard comfortably and without any annoyance if it fits you properly.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Even though purchasing a well-fitting night guard may first appear expensive, it can really result in long-term financial benefits. By safeguarding your teeth and preventing bruxism-related damage, you decrease the need for pricey dental operations like fillings, crowns, and root canals or Invisalign near you.

Preservation of Natural Teeth

Natural teeth cannot be replaced, and if they are damaged, they may need to be extracted or endure expensive dental surgery. Your natural teeth can be protected, and a correctly fitting night guard can help them remain healthy and functioning for many years to come.

Dental Health Maintenance

Using a well-fitted night guard on a regular basis will help you keep your overall oral health. By avoiding tooth damage and related problems, you lower the possibility of developing further problems and keep your smile appearing beautiful.

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