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Dietary Tips and Tricks for Those Who Wear Braces

For many people, it is definitely not fun to wear braces. There is that unpleasant adjustment period as you get used to having metal brackets and wires on your teeth. Talking and eating while having braces on your teeth may become unpleasant. Moreover, some people describe the first few months of having braces as painful because teeth are being moved.

Without a doubt, adjusting to these changes can be difficult. However, it is easy to cope with the situation if you have some tips and tricks of living with braces. It is prudent to note that braces are effective if handled with care. That includes the need to know which type of food to consume or avoid during the period of treatment. Doing this will help you achieve the best results within the shortest time possible. The following are dietary tips and tricks to help you deal with your braces.

Cut Out the Pop

Normally, braces are made of titanium or stainless steel. These two metals are very good for your mouth, and you will rarely develop allergic reactions. They interlace well with the body’s natural biology. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that even the best metal in the world cannot protect you from the sticky sugars contained in sodas. Such sugars are bad for not only your teeth but also for braces.

Avoid Nuts and Seeds

After getting braces, you will easily understand the need to carefully choose what type of nuts and seeds you consume. When you get your braces, eating nuts and seeds can be challenging. They can break a band or bracket off the tooth. Moreover, nuts and seeds can bend the archwires of braces. A bent wire can move your teeth in an undesired position, which can be a major setback during your treatment. If you notice a bent wire in your braces, it would be best to visit an orthodontist in NE Calgary to have that problem solved.

Be Careful With Meat

Tough cuts are hard to chew and may loosen the band around the molars. Besides, eating meat from a bone such as ribs or chicken breast is dangerous for your braces. You risk popping off a bracket. Instead, you can get lean, tender meat and cut it into small bite-sized pieces. It is also good to remove meat from the bone before eating.

Eat Fruit Slices

You should avoid eating hard fruits such as apples, especially at the start of your treatment. In addition, you should avoid carrots, sugarcanes, and any other hard fruit or vegetables. Alternatively, you can eat fruit slices. The primary aim of doing this is avoiding biting the hard fruits, which can easily pop a bracket that will make your teeth hurt. Besides, you can eat soft fruits such as bananas, grapes, and mangoes, among others. Even though such fruits are most likely to leave pulp or strings on the brackets, you can easily clean the braces after eating.

Follow Dietary Guidelines by Your Dentist

When you first obtain braces in NE Calgary, a dentist will give you specific dietary instructions about what and what not to eat. You should not treat these instructions as just arbitrary rules. They are rules to help you in your healing process. Here, the major objective is to protect your teeth while at the same time achieving the desired teeth alignment. Therefore, take heed of the guidelines given by your dentist or orthodontist.

Note that you do not have to endure pain or difficulty when you get your braces. Following the above tips and any other instructions by your dentist will ensure you have a smooth and easy treatment. If you need assistance, get in touch with our experienced orthodontists at Totally Orthodontics.