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Can Braces Alter the Contour of Your Face?

Are you curious about how straightening your teeth can change the way your face looks? Well, the response will be different for kids, teens, and adults. Beginning orthodontic treatment or receiving braces occurs frequently during a crucial period in a person’s life. 

Of course, you have questions about what to expect from braces therapy, how they can alter your smile, and perhaps even whether they will alter the form of your face. 

If you are still looking for answers, read this article and get in touch with our orthodontist in NE Calgary later if you have any other queries. 

Do Braces Alter How Your Face Appears?

Yes, they do. Your body will respond as your teeth are moved into their new locations by braces. Your facial shape is, therefore, likely to alter as well. The periodontal ligament, the fibrous connective tissue structure linking your teeth with the bone that surrounds them, is pressed against both braces and clear aligners. 

In order to meet your treatment objectives, your orthodontist near you will determine how much pressure should be given to which teeth and when. 

To assist you in reaching those objectives and address your orthodontic concerns, additional bands could need to be added, your braces’ wires might need to be altered, or other modifications might need to be performed. 

Your body reacts to the light, continual pressure exerted on your teeth by the brackets, wire, and bands of your braces by creating cells that grow and break down the bones. Your bones and face will start to change shape as a result of this process. 

The Role That Age Places 

Your face’s form may change as a result of the ceramic braces near you. The precise manner in which this happens will depend on your situation and age. You can learn more about how the symmetry of your face and other aspects of your look will alter with orthodontic treatment from your orthodontist. But first, some general principles: 

For Kids and Teens

Children and teenagers are still growing, so their bodies are still forming, making their teeth, gums, and the muscles and jaw bones that surround them more pliable. At this stage, metal braces in Calgary may significantly affect development. For this reason, our orthodontists frequently suggest that teen patients receive treatment. 

For Adults

Despite the fact that adults’ jaws and bone structures have had more time to mature, changing the symmetry of their faces is still possible. You’ll need gums and teeth in good condition. As you get older, your teeth, gums, and surrounding bone become less pliable and firmer. 

Oral health issues like gum disease may stop the production of the bone-growing cells your teeth will need to move if they are present. It may result in the teeth shifting back into their original, unfavorable position, making attempts to reconstruct the bone structure and alter your facial features less successful. 

It is, therefore, advisable to have an orthodontist evaluate your smile, spot any orthodontic problems, and determine which treatment options will best help you reach your objectives. 

Get Quality Orthodontic Treatment at Totally Orthodontics

There are probably orthodontic treatment options for you if your orthodontist has performed an evaluation and discovered a condition you’d like to address, whether it’s crowded or misaligned teeth, an overbite, or an underbite. 

Additionally, our staff is always available to address any queries and worries you might have regarding orthodontic issues, treatment plans, or prospective outcomes. Feel free to email or call us today!