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Braces vs. Clear Aligners

Braces are considered one of the best tools to help realign patient’s teeth. They provide many long-term benefits, and they’re a tried and tested treatment. However, clean aligners have emerged during the past year as a popular alternative to align teeth, offering amazing results.

Before heading to the best orthodontist in NE Calgary, you might be wondering which option works for you. We’ve brought you information on the key characteristics of both braces and clear aligners. Let’s take a look at some of the things we consider are instrumental to know.

1. Visibility

Regular braces have evolved throughout the years. Now, your orthodontist in NE Calgary can present you with a wide variety of options. You can choose between tooth-coloured braces, or having brackets adhered to the back of your teeth. However, some things, like the bands and wires might continue to be visible.

Meanwhile, with clear aligners, you’ll find that they’re transparent. Furthermore, they are very thin. These two characteristics allow your aligners to be practically unnoticeable. Even if an attachment is added, an orthodontist in NE Calgary can make sure it’s tooth-coloured. Of course, clear aligners can still be spotted, but that is only if someone is looking very closely.

2. Comfort

The degree of discomfort is pretty similar between both options in this regard. However, there’s a distinct difference. When you’re wearing braces, even if you have the best orthodontist in NE Calgary, they likely irritate the soft tissue of your mouth. However, this happens only at the very beginning of your treatment. After one or two weeks, you might even forget that you have braces in the first place.

This is different from clear aligners. Since they are removable, you’ll be taking them off constantly, which might make it harder to get used to the feeling of having them on your teeth. Despite this, you might eventually get accustomed to the feeling. The most important thing is trying to minimize the time you’re not wearing them.

3. Diet

People with braces should avoid certain foods and snacks. No gum, as it can get stuck on the braces, no nuts or hard crackers, and nothing chewy that can also get stuck or even damage a wire. In short, nothing that can either damage the bracket or cause one of the wires to pop up.

These considerations do not apply to clear aligners. As an orthodontist in NE Calgary might tell you, this is one of the biggest advantages of wearing them. You can take them off and eat whatever you want before brushing your teeth and putting them back on. As simple as that.

4. Removability

Braces are not removable. While some might see it as a disadvantage, it also has its pros. The fact that they’re not removable ensures that the treatment will be consistent. All you will need to do is follow your dentist’s instructions regarding what you should eat and make it to your scheduled appointments.

Conversely, clear aligners are removable. While this is a great advantage when you have an event, it also has its risks. It makes them easier to lose, as you can misplace them when you take them off. Besides that, you might end up not wearing them for the minimum standard of 22 hours. This will delay your treatment, which no patient wants.

5. Hygiene

One of the things your orthodontist in NE Calgary might mention is the importance of brushing your teeth correctly when you have braces. Food can get stuck in them, and it’s important to make sure you clean them thoroughly.

It’s of great importance that you always brush your teeth before putting your clear aligners on. Any residue even from soft drinks can cause a reaction in which your teeth will get stained, something we’re sure you’ll want to avoid.