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After Invisalign: What to Expect Following the Completion of Your Treatment

Would you like to be able to smile straight without having to wear bulky, noticeable traditional metal braces? Invisalign treatment makes this possible. Without having to put up with the discomfort associated with traditional metal braces, Invisalign allows you to subtly straighten your teeth and get a straight, attractive smile. A straight smile can increase your self-confidence, which will have a good effect on your daily activities.

With Invisalign, teeth are discreetly and progressively realigned using clear plastic aligners that can be removed for brushing and eating. When using Invisalign, teeth can be realigned more comfortably than with traditional metal braces because the aligners are removable orthodontics in NE Calgary

However, what occurs once your Invisalign trays are empty? This question’s response and other things to anticipate following Invisalign’s final tray are covered below.

The Advantages of a Straighter Smile

A straighter smile not only makes you look better, but it also offers several health advantages. Among these advantages are:

  • It makes teeth simpler to clean, reducing the chance of tooth decay
  • Reduces the chance of gum disease
  • Protects your general health since dental issues might trigger other health issues like diabetes and heart disease. 

After Invisalign: What Comes Next?

Your orthodontics near you  will give you an Invisalign retainer when you finish the last tray of aligners. By keeping the teeth from moving back into their pre-alignment positions, these retainers assist in completing the Invisalign treatment. Teenagers typically endure more tooth movement following alignment than adults do because their bones have not yet fully ossified.

The steps involved in creating Invisalign trays are comparable to those involved in creating retainers. After the patient’s teeth have been thoroughly scanned by your dentist,  a retainer that precisely fits over their teeth will be made. These retainers assist you in maintaining the outcomes of your Invisalign treatment by preventing the teeth from moving out of the intended position. 

How Should Your Teeth Look at the End of Invisalign Treatment?

After completing an Invisalign treatment, your teeth should be straight. Any dental condition that led you to seek treatment, such as crowded, crooked, or twisted teeth, should have disappeared after completing this course. Your reward for selecting this treatment and following through on it will be a self-assured, radiant smile.

After the Last Invisalign Tray, Do You Still Need to See Your Orthodontist?

You might be curious about what occurs following the final Invisalign tray. Now that your Invisalign treatment near you is over, do you still need to see your orthodontist? You should expect to see your orthodontist a few more times, even though you won’t be going as often as you did during your Invisalign treatment. Several weeks following your last Invisalign tray, you will often have a follow-up appointment. To make sure everything is still great, your orthodontist might ask to see you again in six months to a year. 

How Long Should You Wear a Retainer After Invisalign Treatment?

You will probably require a retainer once your Invisalign treatment is over. This will prevent the misaligned position of your freshly straightened teeth from returning. Although most patients dislike wearing metal retainers, it is necessary to do so. Retainers give the mandibular bones time to solidify after their motions. Fortunately, one advantage of having Invisalign treatment is that you can use a clear retainer afterwards.

The only thing you’ll need after using aligners and retainers is consistent daily oral hygiene. For whiter teeth, make sure your toothpaste contains fluoride and brush and floss at least twice a day.

When to Schedule Post-Invisalign Checkups with Your Orthodontist

Begin your journey toward having a straight, gorgeous smile with Invisalign. Our team here at Totally Orthodontics can help! 

If you’d like to gather additional information about this service, or if you’re ready to get started, book an appointment with us today. We’re excited to collaborate with you soon!